Working Permit For Deported Foreigners

Getting work permit for a foreigner who has been deported before is to leave the decision of deportation in doubt and it is counted as a crime. Those who are aware or not aware of the situation but still apply for work permit are taking part in this crime.


Dividend in Joint Stock Companies and Acquittal of the Board in Turkey

According to article 508 of the Turkish Commercial Code, if there is no contrary provision in the articles of association, the profit and liquidation share is calculated in proportion to the payments made by the shareholder to the company for the capital share. The value taken as the basis for shareholders’ participation in profit is the net profit for the period determined in accordance with the annual balance sheet of the company.


Cancel Of The Pre-Emption Right Of The Neighbor Parcel In Agricultural Lands

With the “Law on Soil Conservation and Land Use” numbered 5403, a pre-emption right specific to flanking owners in agricultural lands has been recognized. However, with the “Law on Making Some Regulations in Food, Agriculture and Forestry” numbered 7255 published in the Official Gazette dated 04.11.2020 and numbered 31294, numerous changes were made in the aforementioned “Law on Soil Conservation and Land Use”. One of these changes is the regulation on the pre-emption right granted to the neighboring parcel.


Regg. On New Coronavirus Measures

Below, we present for your information the restrictions to be applied within the scope of the circular on “New Measures Related to Coronavirus” published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 18.11.2020.


Regulation Amending the Regulation on Land and Land Arrangements

The Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Land and Land Arrangements by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated October 21, 2020. With the new regulation published, some important articles in the old regulation were changed.


International School Application

International private education institutions are private education institutions where only foreign students can attend.
It is compulsory to obtain permission in order to start education in International Schools. Permit applications are made to the relevant national education directorate. Applications are sent to the Ministry to be given permission to open an institution.



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