Hedge Funds Within the Scope Of The Turkish Capital Markets Legislation

Hedge funds are regulated as a type of mutual funds within the scope of the Capital Markets Law numbered 6362 (“CMB”). According to article 52 of the CMB; Mutual funds are pursuant to the provisions of the CMB, the money or other assets collected from the savers in return for the fund participation share, and the portfolios of assets and rights determined by the Capital Markets Board in accordance with the principles of ownership.


Principle Decision on The Personal Data Of Third Parties’, Sent By Data Controllers, To The Communication Channels Of The Persons

In accordance with the decision of the Personal Data Protection Authority dated 15.01.2021 and numbered 2020/966, published in the Official Gazette dated 22.12.2020 and numbered 31365; It has been decided that measures should be taken in case the phone number and/or e-mail addresses requested from the relevant person for sending documents containing personal data such as invoices, statements, reservation information are incorrect.


Increase On The Monetary Limits Of The Consumer Protection Law

With the “Communiqué on Increasing the Monetary Limits in Articles 68 of the Law No.6502 on the Protection of Consumers and Articles 6 of the Regulation on Consumer Arbitration Committees” published in the Official Gazette No. 31346 dated December 29, 2020, the monetary limits in these articles are 9.11%. was increased by the rate.


Age Correction Lawsuits

Age correction lawsuits are cases filed to change the age appearing in the civil registry office, to reduce the age through the court or to increase the age.


Working Permit For Deported Foreigners

Getting work permit for a foreigner who has been deported before is to leave the decision of deportation in doubt and it is counted as a crime. Those who are aware or not aware of the situation but still apply for work permit are taking part in this crime.

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