Emrah Yilmaz

Office Administrative Staff

E-mail: eyilmaz@barlaslaw.com

Emrah graduated from Kılıç Ali Paşa Primary School in Ortaköy, Istanbul and subsequently from Erhan Gedikbaşı Multi-Program High School in Beşiktaş.



Emrah fulfilled his military service as a chauffeur of the commander in 2015 first at the Novice Union in Hatay İskenderun and then at Marmaris Aksaz Naval High Command.



Emrah, who has an extraordinary ability to drive, has received a certificate of automotive electro mechanicism and worked in these areas for a while.



Having an opportunity to work in the automotive and service sectors in Istanbul, Emrah currently continues to work as a manager assistant within the Barlas Law Office and assists the daily work of the office.