Conditions For Obtaining A Residence Permit In Europe

Also  there is an other option for only  for Turkish citizens regarding Britain’s residence permit;

Due to the Ankara Agreement signed between Turkey and Britain set up business in the UK or who want to do their job has exceeded the age of 18 and all found the capital have enough work to do Republic of Turkey citizens can apply to the UK visa.

Persons applying for a UK visa do not have to open a business or employ workers in the UK. The person can work in the field related to the job in which he or she received training or a profession.

England Ankara Agreement Visa Features:

  • Persons who enter the UK with a British Ankara Agreement visa will have the right to reside here. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey of the Ankara Agreement with the UK visa can establish their own business or be a partner in an existing company.
  • Persons who have settled in the UK with the Ankara Agreement visa can benefit from the rights such as free and health benefits offered to UK citizens. Persons settled in England with Ankara Agreement visa can postpone their military service until the age of 37 and benefit from paid military service.
  • Persons settled in the UK within the scope of Ankara Agreement visa can take their dependents with them. Family members are not obliged to do the profession declared in the visa application. They can work in any other field they want.

Those who enter the UK with Ankara Agreement visa can apply for indefinite residence after working for a total of 4 years, including 1 year and 3 years. Persons who obtain the right of permanent residence are not obliged to do only their own business. Thus, the person gets the right to work in another job or both in his own job and in another job. Those who have Ankara Treaty visa are entitled to apply for British Citizenship and obtain a British passport 5 years after their settlement in England.

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