What Are the Obligations of Data Controllers Within the Context of The Issues Specified in The Public Announcement on Registration in The Data Controllers Registry, Based on Articles 5 and 9 of the Regulation on The Data Controllers Registry?

In the Public Announcement on Registration in the Data Controllers Registry dated 04.01.2022 published by the Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK), the Authority has stated some matters which are evaluated within the Article 5 “Data controllers are responsible for ensuring that the information submitted to the Registry and published in the Registry is complete, accurate,…


What Is The Damages For Wrongful Death Regulated In The Turkısh Code Of Obligatıons?

According to Article 440 of the Turkish Code of Obligations, “The contract automatically terminates on the death of the employee. The employer, to the surviving spouse and minor children of the worker, or their dependents, for one month, starting from the day of death; If the service relationship has continued for more than five years, he is obliged to pay a two-month fee.”

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