Pre IPO’s

A pre-IPO investment platform managed by Invest Securities is the last private financing round of a company before it is IPO, which is expected in the short or medium term.

On the platform PRE-IPO, these investments can take two forms:

An capital investment, type ” bridge” for IPO’s planned in the short term (less than twelve months) ; investment is done through ordinary bonds , convertible bonds, bonds redeemable in shares or bonds with share warrants. These bonds give all with different mechanisms, access to the subscription of shares in the company at a variable price discount in the next funding round (private tour or IPO).

An equity investment, the type of capital increase: for companies whose IPO will be provided for more than twelve months, the investment will be in equities. Subscriptions will, in most cases, organized through a holding company created for this purpose. The investment in the longer term makes it easier to negotiate and fix precisely the share price today. The holding company allows for companies to manage more simply life in “private equity” on the interim period and, for subscribers, to be collectively represented and to share in future decisions In this case the possible exit is at least two years.



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