Regulation of Organization of Personal Data Protection

At Official Journal, in the date of 07.04.2018, the firms which use personal data on the base were allowed for 2 year of orientation period by the time of publishing of Personal Data Protection Law. By 07.04.2018, the orientation period is expired. Becoming suitable was predicted by new conditions by the orientation period in new law to the established before the Personal Data Protection Law and working firms. The firms which are established after the law must be legal by this new law. The Law is implemented exactly by the date of 07.04.2018.

Regulation of Organization of Personal Data Protection is implemented in accordance with the law by the date of 26.04.2018, which is after the implementing of the Law exactly. The organizational structure, the duty, authorization, responsibility of service units and their working principles and procedure of Organization of Personal Data Protection were determined by this regulation.

Organizational structure is as below:

It is collected under the 4 different title: institution, organization, premiership structure and service unit and duties (department of databases management systems, department of researching, department of legal affairs, department of security of data and information systems, department of human resources and support services, department of strategy development and guidance, department of searching and  corporate communication). Generally, the organizational structure is designated on this partly hierarchical system and every unit’s duties are determined at the regulation.



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