In line with the social distancing decisions made within the scope of combating coronavirus, millions of people stay in their homes. During this time, telephone, internet, cable broadcasting, TV and satellite platform services gained great popularity. However, some consumers want to cancel these subscriptions. Because shopkeepers have closed their workplaces due to the coronavirus outbreak they want to cancel their subscriptions on the telephone and internet services they receive for use in their workplaces.

At this point, those who want to cancel their phone and internet service subscriptions or other subscriptions will be able to terminate subscription agreements as a cause of coronavirus outbreak without being subject to obligations such as penal clause, refund of discounts or payment of the remaining commitment period. In accordance with the relevant provisions of both the Law of Obligations and the Consumer Protection Law, those who demonstrate that they could not use these services during the coronavirus outbreak can easily cancel their subscription without being subject to any obligation or to show any other reason.

According to the applicable law, by applying to the Consumer Council or the court, cancellation of internet, phone or broadcast service subscriptions from companies such as Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone, Superonline, Digiturk, D-Smart, Cable TV, Türksat can be requested. Besides, a new arrangement that allows cancellation of these subscriptions via the e-devlet portal (e-government gateway) is currently under preparation.