Type of Deliveries in terms of Incoterms

Incoterms has been changed with International Chamber of Commerce’s (“ICC”) revision in 2010. These changes have been prepared by ICC and applied in 2011.

1) Ex Works: In this delivery type; the seller is obliged to keep the goods ready to deliver to the Buyer at his own or other appointed place (warehouse, factory etc.).

2) Free Carrier: This rule requires the seller to clear the goods through customs to the extent applicable.

3) Carriage To Paid: ın this type of delivery, the Seller is obliged  to make an agreement for the transfer the goods and pay all transportation costs.

4) Carriage And Insure Paid to:  The Seller is obliged to make  the contract regarding the transportation of thegoods to the destination and making the payment for their  insurance premiums.

5) Delivered At Terminal: The Seller is obliged to deliver the goods unloaded  in an appointed point (dock, warehouse etc.) or at  the terminal.

6) Delivered At Place: The Seller is obliged to  deliver the goods loaded  at the specified location determined in the contract.

7) Delivered Duty Paid: The Seller is obliged to deliver the goods with clarification from the customs duty for import at the determined location ready to be unloaded.

8) Free Alongside Ship: The Seller is obliged   to deliver the   goods in free alongside ship(i.e. at a dock or quay).

9) Free On Board: In this  type seller delivered and assure the goods  in the  port decided in contract and buyers ship determined.

10) Cost and Freight: The seller is obliged to make payment for all cost and freight in order to transport the goods  to the designated port of destination.

11) Cost, Insurance and Freight: The Seller is obliged to deliver or provide the procurement of the goods on board the ship.



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