Alterations Reg. the Annual Paid Leave

In accordance with the “Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Annual Paid Leave” published in the Official Gazette dated 18.08.2017 numbered 30158, a number of amendments were made in the Annual Paid Leave Regulation. Accordingly, whereas in the previous Regulation the leave periods specified in the Article 53 of the Labor Law can be divided into up to three divisions, according to the new Regulation, these leave periods may be used in sections. Moreover, the period of the annual paid leave of the sub-employer’s workers who continue to work in the same workplace, where the sub-employer has changed, will be calculated by considering the periods of time they have worked in the same workplace. The primary employer shall be obliged to check whether the employers employed by the sub-employer are using the annual paid leave periods which they are entitled for and to ensure the use of such annual paid leave periods within that year, whereas the sub-employer shall be obliged to give the primary employer an example of the leave record document that he/she has to keep. Furthermore, according to the amendment made in the 3rd paragraph of the Article 9 of the previous Regulation, annual paid leave periods of workers working in underground works will be increased by four days.



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