NATURAL GAS MARKET LICENSE REGULATION “Corporation” term is used right along with the term of “commission” in the new regulation amendment. (Article 1, paragraph 7) The scope of the legal and natural entity which doesn’t have to take out a license has been enlarged conditionally. (Article 11, paragraph 2) The license application of corporation and commission has been enlarged by the scope of activity. Besides, in the case of license application research was submitted by corporation to commission is rejected by commission, the written notification should be sent to applier legal entity in 10 days instead of 5 days. (Article 11, paragraph 3, clause a) Certificate of incorporation of the text of amendment to the main contract, which was registered commercial registry gazette, should be submitted for the license application. (Article 11, paragraph 3 last clause) The duration of 90 days of performing legal obligations is changed into the duration of 90 days begins from the date of written notification of performing legal obligations. (Article 11, paragraph 4) The duration in this article has been settled in accordance with the previous article and a price collection is predicted in this article. (Article 14) The areas which transformation price not predicted, have been confine to share transfer to municipality and municipality’s companies. (Article 15, paragraph 4) Renewal of license is limited in specific area of activities and it has been apportion between commission and corporation. The duration for the concluding of the renewal license application is enlarged in 90 days. The duration of written notification of price collection is designated as 30 days. The office of president has been conferred in power of approval of the renewal license application. (Article 42, paragraph 1) The capital change for legal entity which has got the license of the natural gas storage has been became subject to approval and exceptions have been attached in to the new article. (Article 42, paragraph 3) A exception has been predicted for the privilege facilities which has been subjected to approval. And the making a written notification obligation has been given to the commission. (Article 43, paragraph 5) In case of the reaching lawful age of the non-adult children which is stated in license, it should be notified to the commission. (Attachment 3, Article 4, clause b) The scope of documents which are submitted for the license application are enlarged.