It is not possible to bring vehicles from abroad for a real person residing in Turkey or a legal entity established in Turkey even if its partners are foreign. Bringing vehicles from abroad for aliens on behalf of their own person is subject to certain conditions. Aliens should reside abroad at least for the last 185 days in one year from the date of their arrival in Turkey. The vehicle must be registered in the country of residence. Vehicles can stay up to 730 days in Turkey and vehicles cannot be used by persons resident in Turkey, it can only be used by the person who brought it and if any, his/her spouse, mother, father and children residing abroad. Besides, the given duration limit of vehicles belongs to foreigners with residence permit in Turkey cannot exceed the period specified in the residence permit. The alien using the entire 730 day period cannot bring the same or a different vehicle to Turkey until 185 days have passed after taking the vehicle abroad. In other words, in order to be able to bring a vehicle again for whom that fulfilled the 730 days period, the vehicle must stay abroad for 185 days.