Cancellation of the Law of Expropriation by the Supreme Court

Constitutional Court prevented to expropriated price was restricted for 5 years by zoning amendment of the real estate property which is non-paid expropriated price by zoning amendment and stringing out that restriction to the 2021.

For giving and example;

The government decided of expropriation on the real estate property of Mr. Smith at the year of 2011 and this issue was annotated at the deed. Consequently, Mr. Smith cannot dispose on his real estate property for 5 years according to Expropriation Law.  At the year of 2016, Mr. Smith was so close to be happy about expiration of 5 years but he sadly learned that, by the provisional article 11 which was added on the Expropriation Law, Mr. Smith cannot dispose on his real estate property till 2021.

However Constitutional Court canceled that provisional article 11 in the previous days and thus, disposing on the real estate property which was zoning changing, is become useful. In other words, the concerned organization of government must pay the expropriated price to Mr. Smith.



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