Customer Identification in The Context Of The Law On Preventing Laundering Of Crime Revenues

In the “Financial Crimes Investigation Board General Communiqué” published in the Official Gazette dated 30.04.2021 and numbered 31470, the procedures and principles regarding the remote identification methods to be used for the verification of customer identity for the implementation of the Law on Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime have been regulated.

According to the published notice; Remote identification of obliged parties such as banks, institutions authorized to issue banks or credit cards, financing and factoring companies, payment institutions and electronic money institutions and affiliated units of these obliged parties such as branches, agencies and representatives without coming face to face with their customers, by means of remote identification they can. These methods can be determined separately by the obliged parties.

The method to be applied must be designed in such a way that it includes all of the information required for face-to-face identification and includes minimum risk in the confirmation of the information. It is not mandatory to take a signature sample for remote identification. The information obtained in remote identification should be stored in a way that allows the information and documents for confirmation and records in all kinds of media to be given to the competent authorities when requested.



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