The Regulation Regarding Amending of the Regulation of Natural Gas Market Certificate has been published on 10.01.2018 by The Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Within the framework of this regulation, some changes were made regarding certificate application, right and obligations of the certificate holder, amendment, visa, renewal, termination and cancellation of the certificates. The following statements were added by amending Article 9 of the Regulation; the applications which are considered within 60 days by Head of Department of Natural Gas Market. The deficiencies in the applications which have not been made in compliance with legislation should be fulfilled within the 30 days from the notification. In case deficiencies are not fulfilled, the application will be considered as it is not been made and the application documents will be sent back. In accordance with the amendment of Article 10, it has been regulated that in case the application is approved, the certificate will be given to the applicant. In case of the application is rejected, the certificate fee paid to the Institution account and applicable for the current year will be refunded to the applicant. In accordance with the amendment of Article 13, in case the addition/deduction of subject of activity and classification and/or in case amendment of commercial name is requested during the certificate renewal application, no additional fee will be paid to the renewal fee. Article 15/A has been added to the Regulation. In accordance with this Article visa validation is determined as two years for construction and service certificate, one year for interior piping and service lines from the each new commencement date and the effective date of certificate and each new commencement date. Visa applications for construction and service certificates will be considered within sixty days at the  latest; interior piping and service lines certificates will be considered within 15 days by Department of Natural Gas Market. If the certificate holder does not apply for the visa, they will not be able to continue the operation , make a contract with new customers and submit new application file to the distribution company until the new visa is issued Article 16 of the same Regulation has also been changed. Certificate renewal period is determined as at least ten, at most thirty years as of the certificate expires upon the request of the certificate holder. Construction and service certificate holders may submit a written application to the Institution for the renewal of the certificate to the Institution,  at most 180 days at least 45 days before the certificate expires, with the “Certificate Renewal Application Petition” and all required information and documents stated in the relevant petition. The consideration of certificate renewal application will be concluded by The Department of Natural Gas Market within 45 days as from the date of written application was made.