The Regulation Regarding Amending of the Regulation of Production of Electricity Without License in Electricity Market has been published on 17.01.2018 by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Within the framework of the regarding regulation, the distance between network and the production plant will not be more than 5 km with air distance for the facilities with a maximum installed power of 0,499 MW, 6 km for project designing and 12 km with air distance for the facilities which installed power is between 0,5 MW to 1 MW. This sub-article shall not be applied for local administrations and legal entities which have the control relations with the local administrations. The production facilities will be allocated by TEIAS exclusively as a 5 MW connection capacity for each substation. Unless allocated capacity will be completed applications shall be conveyed to TEIAS for additional capacity. In case the application is approved, then the capacity will be allocated by TEIAS. Provided that provisional acceptance has been made, production facility can be transferred to another natural person or legal entity who wishes to be in production service and fulfill the conditions of capacity allocation under the Regulation and related legislation.