Specialty in Pharmacy Training

Regulation on Specialty in Pharmacy Training, was promulgated in the Official Gazette 21nd October 2016 that regulate Specialty in Pharmacy training, Certificating of Specialty Certificate and Rules of operating and procedures in Board of Specialists In Pharmacy (“Board”) and comprises within this scope Board of Specialists In Pharmacy and Pharmacy Faculties (“Faculties”) was entitled to train in specialty, programmes and people, was prepared by Ministry of Health and  power granted by Pharmacists and Drug Stores Act (“Act”) , No. 6179 promulgated in 18/12/1953.

According to promulgated Regulation, determining members in Board of Specialists in Pharmacy as 11 full member and same count (11) alternate member and quorum of meeting-decision has been clearly designated.

Speciality Training will be provided by specialists in relevant branch or professor, associate professor and assistant professor that are entitled in instructiveness Board’s decision in addition, training will fulfil core education programme that contains announcements by the Board and training standards.

Also setting up and running a drug store, working in any job except as may be required in speciality training by Trainer Specialist is prohibited or else will be dismissed were arranged certain by this Regulation.

Sustaining interrupted of Speciality Training and for taking Speciality Training exit exam submitting dissertation are stipulated, also Trainer Specialist that completed training successfully and approved by programme director will be entitled to take Speciality Training exit exam. Trainer Specialists’ documents that completed Speciality Training successfully will be arranged and registered by Minister.



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