Supporting Fair Participations Abroad

The new dated communiqué issued in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers is the Declaration on the Support of Fair Participations to be held Abroad.

Aim: To support exportation in the following forms:

* Participation of Turkish companies in foreign fairs and individual participation in international fairs on sectoral basis,

* Increasing the visibility of Turkish companies and introducing the products of these companies, ensuring export and favorability in the foreign market.

The mentioned support covers the expenditures made by the following, through the state and the related institution:

  • Organizers organizing fair abroad,
  • Companies, institutions and organizations participating individually in the international fairs on sectoral basis,
  • Companies, institutions and organizations participating in fair organization.

The amount of support determined and applied by the decision corresponds to a quantity between 50% and 75% of the quality of the fair and the exhibitor, not exceeding the limits set forth in the relevant decision. (Agreed limitations are involved in the related decision.)

In order to benefit from the participation support to foreign fairs, it is necessary to apply to relevant and competent authorities by following the related decisions and regulations.


In order to benefit from the exhibitions held at the individual level, it is obligatory to apply to the Secretariat General of the Exporters’ Union which the participant is a member within at least fifteen days before the start date of the fair or at least three months following the end date of the fair. An additional 30 working days will be given to ensure that the missing information and documents are completed, provided that the application is made within three months after the end date of the fair.


If the deficiencies are not completed within these 30 days, the application file is removed from the transaction.
Exhibitions and individual participations in international fair organizations are supported by considering the size of the exhibitor’s stand area in square meters.


The amount of support is determined separately for each fair for the international fair organizations. This amount can be determined separately for each fair or for each country and/or sector on the basis of sectoral international fairs in which individual participation is supported.


Participant may benefit from the participation of prestigious fairs that determined by the Ministry, at most 2 times in a calendar year.

The upper limits of support included in this decision are updated at the beginning of each calendar year in proportion as (TÜFE + Yİ-UFE) / 2.

The Ministry is empowered for removing, updating, applying the procedures and principles, withdrawing the support given or completely withdrawing it and making all factual and formal changes.



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