What Are The Changes In The Status Of The Association Of Payment And Electronic Money Institutions Of Turkey?

The following paragraph has been added to the 12th article of the Statute of the Union of Payment and Electronic Money Institutions of Turkey, which was put into effect with the President’s Decision dated 27/6/2020 and numbered 2678:

“(7) General Assembly meetings can be held in physical environment, completely electronically, or by participation of some members in a meeting in which some members are physically present in electronic environment. Necessary measures are taken by the Board of Directors to ensure that the will of the members of the General Assembly is reflected in the meetings in a healthy way and to ensure the system and network security regarding the meetings. procedures and principles are determined by the Union.


What are the changes in the Board of Directors meetings?

With the second article of the President’s decision, the 17th article of the statute was amended and the meetings to be held electronically or physically become an option. At this point, the union of payment and electronic money institutions can prepare the necessary infrastructure for electronically attending meetings and voting, or can purchase services in this regard. Regardless of the electronic or physical environment of the board of directors meetings, the meeting and decision quorums will continue to be applied exactly. In addition to this, in accordance with the sentence added to the end of the second paragraph of Article 19 of the statute; In the meetings of the Board of Directors to be held in the electronic environment, the physical records of the meeting and the decisions taken by the Board of  Directors will be recorded by the general secretariat and signed by the members of the board of directors attending the meeting. In case the resolution book is kept electronically, it will be signed with electronic signature by the members of the board of directors.

The changes came into effect from October 27, 2021.



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