Due to the Covid-19 outbreak that we have experienced recently, many businesses have decided to halt or limit their activities. Within this scope, Short-Term Working Payment applications opened by İŞKUR on Monday. We want to give information on the subject. You can find out in detail below, however, in summary, short-term working payment applications should be made through İŞKUR website by filling out the attached request form and submitting additional documents. The attached document is a list of employees who will benefit from this payment and an administrative decision on short-term work, if there is. Due to Coronavirus pandemic, the application has been completely updated and the whole process is carried out and concluded online. If short-term work ends early, it should be notified to İŞKUR. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

Short-term working payment is an assurance that can be applied in case of weekly working hours are temporarily reduced by at least a third or if the workplace is closed completely or partially for at least four weeks. İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency) provides income support to the employees for maximum three months for the period they cannot work.
In this context, short-term working payments and General Health Insurance contributions are made by İŞKUR. However, to be able to benefit from this payment, it is required to be working the last 60 days before the start of the short-term work and paid contributions for at least 450 days in the last 3 years.

Applications started on 23.03.2020 and applications will be made via www.iskur.gov.tr . The list of employees who will benefit from the payment, along with the request form and supporting documents, should be uploaded to the system. After the request, the application is sent to the Guidance and Inspection Department to determine compliance.

The determination of compliance is normally performed through on-site examination if necessary, but because of Covid-19 pandemic, İŞKUR has made an reorganization shortening the determination process:

• All examinations will be carried out at the Guidance and Inspection Department or Group Departments, without going to the location and filling a report, only through examining the relevant application documents and annexes.

• If it is evaluated that there are some missing documents in the application documents during the review process, the employers will be contacted immediately, and the missing documents will be requested to be transferred online and the examination will be completed immediately on the basis of examination on paper.

• For compliance examinations of the businesses that have been closed by the Presidency, Ministries or related public institutions and organizations it will be sufficient only to have document showing that these businesses are in this scope.
• For compliance examinations of the businesses that have been closed or limited its activities by the employers it will be sufficient only to have relevant documents showing the situation.

• A report will be issued by the Labor Inspectors of the department regarding the examination of compliance. The aforementioned reports and their attachments will be sent to the Provincial Directorates of our Institution via Kep (Registered Electronic Mail), and signed documents will be sent later to be kept in the file of the businesses.

• It should be noted that the compliance examinations of the businesses that have been closed by the Presidency, Ministries or related public institutions and organizations is subject to duration set out in administrative decision limited to the minimum and maximum periods regulated by the law.

Once the application is accepted, it will be notified via e-mail. The employers, whose application is accepted, update the Short-Term Work List within the period notified to them and send it via e-mail to the e-mail address of the İŞKUR branch that they applied.

How much will be paid? It will be paid 60 percent of the average daily gross income calculated based on contributions made for the employee in the last twelve months.

Example: Short-term working payment for the gross salary of 2.622 TL is 1.561 TL

!! The amount of short-term working payment does not exceed 150 percent of the national monthly minimum wage.

When and how the payment is made? The payment for the periods that the employee does not work is paid monthly via PTT Bank and on the fifth of each month.