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On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization issued the Communiqué on Approximate Unit Costs of Building for the Year 2021 (“Communiqué”) to be used in the Accounting of Architecture and Engineering Service Costs.


The Building Approximate Unit Cost Calculation Chart is published in the Official Gazette every year and presented to the citizens. This scale is the most important indicator in construction costs and tender calculations. Building types and groups, architectural and engineering service costs, overhead expenses and contractor profit are calculated using this chart.


According to Article 3.2 of the Architectural and Engineering Services Specification in the 1st Article of the Communiqué, the Approximate Unit Costs of the Building for the year 2021 to be used in the calculation of the architectural and engineering service costs, taking into account the class of the building that is the basis for architectural services; Excluding VAT, it is shown by including general expenses (15%) and contractor profit (10%) and the approximate unit costs of the building are shown in the continuation of the communique.


In the 2nd Article of the Communiqué, explanations are made regarding the determination of the class of the building which is essential for architectural services. According to these explanations, similar structures will be determined by the implementing institutions and organizations by using the relevant provisions of the Architectural and Engineering Services Specification compared to the buildings in the relevant group.


For the buildings whose class or group was changed or removed from the communiqué in the revision of the communiqué, in architectural and engineering services whose building class and group were determined according to the communiqués before 2021; The calculation will be made on the basis of the amount equivalent in the 2021 communiqué, without changing the building class and group in the communiqué of the year in which it was determined.


In case of hesitation while determining the classes and groups in the communiqué during the construction phase, the approximate cost of the building of that building; will be calculated by applying the Unit Prices of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to the quantities to be prepared according to the project of the building.


This Communiqué entered into force on the date of its publication, effective as of 1/1/2021.



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