List Of Countries Participating The Apostile Convention

Foreign to be valid in Turkey of a document or decision of a country it must be approved by the Turkish consular authorities or the authorities in the country where the foreign judgment or certificate issued.


Apostille is a document approval system that allows the authenticity of documents to be used legally in another country. The rules of the Apostille were determined by The Lahey Convention of 6 October 1961.


Apostille rules are valid only between member states or parties to The Lahey Conference.


Countries That Accept Apostille Rules

As seen in the list, especially Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, socialist countries such as Cuba and North Korea, African countries such as Madagascar, Kenya, Chad, Gambia, Far Eastern countries such as Thailand and Papua New Guinea have not been a party to the convention. Therefore, the validity of judicial, administrative or commercial documents obtained from these countries (unless there are two contracts in between) will necessarily require the approval of the Turkish foreign representative office in that country.

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