New Regulation On Shipyard, Boat Manufacturing And Boatyard Has Been Published

The purpose of this Regulation is to plan the location, capacity and similar qualities of the existing and newly established facilities determined by the zoning plan decision on the inland waters, the coast and coastline and the areas gained through filling and drying, the procedures and principles related to their establishment, extension investments, increasing their capacity, examining and approving the projects within the framework of modern production and management, auditing and certification within the framework of minimum safety conditions and the working procedure of floating pools and is to determine the principles.

A report will be prepared as a result of the examination carried out by the TDK in accordance with the new criteria regarding the applications made by public and private or legal persons for the planning and establishment of the facilities.

In the case of extension investments for the establishment and modernization of new facilities, the investor shall finalize the development plan and preliminary permit, the establishment of the right of altitude and/or the issuance of permission to use in accordance with the relevant legislation.

In case of need for revision with the existing or new facility to be established, the Administration will be applied with the following information and documents for the approval of the facility organization and layout plan.

The criteria that must be present in the facilities and the criteria for partial operation permit certificate application, operation permit certificate application, floating pool operation preliminary permit certificate application, facility lease and transfer application and facility title change application have been determined.

The working procedures and principles of the facilities, safety and environmental conditions were determined. Accordingly; The facility authority shall comply with the instructions given by the port authority for the construction, modification, maintenance-repair and towing operations of the ships in the facility, the provisions of this Regulation, national and international legislation and the safety and security of navigation, life, property, environment.

In accordance with the obligation to implement the ship industry database program, all in-scope and out-of-scope facilities, with the exception of military installations, Coast Guard facilities and police facilities, will be obliged to register with the GSVP and update all information required by the GSVP.

The operators of the facilities shall comply with the requirements of this Regulation. Administrative fines shall be imposed by the port authority in accordance with subparagraph (b) of the second paragraph of Article 28 of Decree Law No. 655 on those who violate the rules they are obliged to comply with as a result of the audit carried out within the scope of this Regulation.



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