Short Term Residence Permit

Short-term residence permit is a type of residence permit approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Immigration Administration, which gives foreign nationals the right to stay in Turkey for a certain period of time. Most of the short-term permits are residence permits issued for touristic purposes.

Short-term residence permits can be issued for 1 year and this period can be extended once more at most. However, this extension restriction has been suspended for a while due to the reason of Covid 19. Therefore, a foreigner who has extended his residence permit twice until a new residence permit is issued, will be able to apply for an extension before the residence permit expires.

Foreigners who have suitable accommodation conditions according to the following arrival purposes can apply for a short-term residence permit:

  1. Foreigners Coming for Scientific Research
  2. Foreigners with Immovable Property in Turkey
  3. Foreigners with a Commercial Relationship or to Establish a Business
  4. Foreigners Attending In-Service Training Program
  5. Foreign Students Coming with the Student Exchange Program,
  6. Foreigners Attending Turkish Language Courses
  7. Foreigners Coming as Tourist
  8. Foreigners Who Have Future For Therapeutic Purposes
  9. Foreign Government Officials Coming for Education and Research
  10. Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  11. Foreigners Who Will Be Submitted to Short Term Residence Permit in Case of Losing the Conditions of Family Residence Permit
  12. Foreigners Applying Within Six Months As Of The Date Of Graduation From Those Who Have Completed Their Higher Education In Turkey
  13. Those who do not work in Turkey but will invest in the scope and amount to be specified by the Council of Ministers, and Their Foreign Spouse, His and His Spouse’s Immature or Dependent Foreign Children
  14. Foreigners Required To Stay In Turkey Depending On The Demands Or Decisions Of Judicial Or Administrative Authorities.


Among the short-term residence permit types, the most applied application type is the short-term residence permit for tourism purposes. Foreigners who want to obtain a residence permit for tourism purposes must have the following documents ready at the time of application;

  1. Residence Permit Application Form
  2. Photocopy of the passport or the document substituting the passport
  3. Pages that show the credentials and the page with the photo and the entry-exit and visa information.
  4. Four (4) biometric photographs.
  5. Documents / receipts showing that the residence fee and card fee has been paid
  6. Valid health insurance
  7. Document Showing the Place to Stay
  • If the foreigner is staying in your own home, a photocopy of the title deed;
  • Notarized copy of the lease if staying with a lease agreement
  • Hotel etc. If he / she is staying in accommodation, documents showing his / her stay in these places;
  • If the student is staying in a dormitory, an e-signed / signed and sealed / stamped document showing that he / she stayed in the dormitory,
  • If staying with a third party, the notarized commitment of the host


It is possible for the foreigner to apply for a short-term residence permit for children under the age of 18. For children under 18 years old;

  • If the foreign child’s mother and father apply for a residence permit together, a birth certificate of the child under the age of 18 is required.
  • If the mother or father of the foreign child is still in the marriage union and only one of the parents applies for a short-term residence permit, the consent of the non-applicant party and the birth certificate of the child under the age of 18 is required,
  • If the foreign child’s mother and father are divorced, a document showing that the party applying for the residence permit is also the custody of the child and the birth certificate of the child under the age of 18 is required.


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