Short-term Touristic Residence For Citizens of Russia and Ukraine

Due to the new application in Turkey, short-term touristic residence applications no longer provide the opportunity to reside in Turkey for a long time. But as it is known, Russia started a war against Ukraine on 24.02.2022. Since the first day of the war, millions of people had to leave their countries. One of the countries where the citizens of Ukraine who left their country took refuge was Turkey. For this reason, a convenience has been provided for the citizens of Ukraine who took refuge in Turkey. Despite the new regulation that does not allow for a long-term residence permit with a short-term touristic residence application, it is still possible for Russian and Ukrainian citizens to obtain a long-term residence permit in Turkey with a short-term touristic residence application. Citizens of Ukraine have the right to establish a company and open bank accounts in Turkey with a short-term tourist residence permit.


In other words, despite the new regulation, there is still the possibility of applying for short-term touristic residence for citizens of Russia and Ukraine. The documents to be submitted for this type of residence application are as follows:

  1. Residence Permit Application Form (It must be signed by the foreigner and/or his legal representative.)
  2. Copy of passport or passport substitute document (Copy of the pages that show the ID information and the page with the photo, as well as the entry-exit and visa information.) (Original document must be with you on the day of the appointment.)
  3. Four (4) biometric photographs.
  4. Statement that you have sufficient and regular financial means during your stay.
  5. Documents/receipts showing that the residence fee and card fee has been paid
  6. Valid health insurance
  7. Document showing registration in the Address Registration System
  8. Document Indicating the Place of Accommodation (One of the following is considered sufficient):
  9. Copy of the deed,
  10. Notarized copy of the lease agreement,
  11. If you are staying in an accommodation, hotel etc. documentation of your stay in those places
  12. If you are staying in student dormitories, e-signed/signed and sealed/stamped document,

If you are staying with a third party, notarized commitment of the party you are staying with. (If the person you’re staying with is married, also the notarized commitment of her spouse.)



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