The President’s Decision on The Support for Enterprises Operating in Food And Beverage Services Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

In the President’s Decree published in the Official Gazette dated 06.02.2021 and numbered 31387, the regulations regarding the endorsement support to be given to the enterprises operating in the food and beverage sector and whose activities were restricted due to the coronavirus outbreak were included.

Enterprises that can benefit from the endorsement support to be made within the scope of this decision; are value added taxpayer businesses that are affected by the measures taken within the scope of withstanding the covid-19 epidemic and engaged in food and beverage service activities determined by the Ministry of Trade.

Enterprises that can benefit from this support; are enterprises that continue their business that started before 2019 or in 2019 and have active obligations as of 27.01.2021, their endorsement in 2019 is 3 million Turkish Liras and below, and their endorsement in 2020 decreased by 50% or more compared to the endorsement in the year in question. The endorsement support will be paid at once and will be given on the basis of 3% of the decreasing amount of the endorsement in 2020 of the enterprises that can benefit from the assistance, provided that it is not less than 2.000 TL and not more than 40.000 TL.

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