Why Does MASAK (Financial Crimes Research Board) Block The Bank Account Due To Article 19/A Of Law No 5549 And Illegal Betting?

Illegal betting and money laundering constitute the subject of this crime. In order to prevent laundering proceeds of crime, MASAK may collect data, evaluate incoming suspicious reports and conduct research on the subject. In accordance with Article 17 of Law No. 5549, accounts that are found to be related to betting sites or that have strong suspicions are blocked. Pursuant to the Law No. 5549 on the Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime, in cases where there is strong suspicion that the crime of money laundering and financing of terrorism has been committed, the assets of the person may be confiscated.



Opening a new account can be a temporary solution to unblocking a bank account. If suspicious activities of this new account are detected, this account will also be blocked. There are certain procedures that the person whose bank account has been blocked due to illegal betting, by the prosecutor’s office or MASAK, must be carried out within the scope of the BRSA. After gradually getting involved in the relevant prosecutor’s investigation, it is necessary to explain the situation in the file and make a request for the removal of the legally unjustified blockade. We recommend that you manage the process with an expert lawyer in order to remove 5549 19/a illegal betting bank block.



If your bank is blocked, the bank keeps this blockage until the end of the prosecution investigation. Until this stage ends, you can withdraw your money, deposit invoices, etc. You are prevented from performing banking transactions, but your money is kept in the bank. Based on this information, we can say that it is possible to recover the money blocked in the bank account. Getting this money back can only be achieved by removing the block placed by the MASAK presidency or the prosecutor’s office. In order for the block to be lifted, it is necessary to clarify the suspicious transaction in question and to be involved in the prosecution investigation. Objections to be made may also enable the removal of the block placed on the account. It is possible to return the money when it is proven that the money in question has been legally entered into the account, blocking due to illegal betting. Thus, you will now be able to withdraw the blocked money in your bank account. However, you will be able to continue to perform banking transactions in your account.



The accounts of those who are determined to be financing terrorism or who have strong suspicions about it may be seized by the Ministry of Finance. Pursuant to Article 19/A of Law No. 5549, the Ministry may decide to suspend the transactions made or attempted to be carried out in the accounts for 7 working days in order to analyze the suspicion by the MASAK Presidency.

Although it is not possible to give an exact time for people whose accounts are blocked by MASAK due to illegal betting, most of the time, the unblocking process results in between 15 and 60 days.

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