Age Correction Lawsuits

Age correction lawsuits are cases filed to change the age appearing in the civil registry office, to reduce the age through the court or to increase the age.


Age correction can only be filed once, according to the law. If the person is registered with the General Registry, an age correction case can be filed within 6 months from the age of 18 or from the date of receiving the first identity card. This period is the period of foreclosure. Lawsuits to be filed after the deadline are duly rejected.


If it is necessary to indicate some points to be taken into consideration when filing an age correction case;

  • Age correction lawsuits are filed at the Civil Court of First Instance of the person’s settlement.
  • If the person is of legal age, he / she or his / her guardian or guardian opens the case for age correction.
  • The appearance of the person whose age is to be corrected should not be appropriate for the age stated in the birth record.
  • If a person wants to increase their age, they should not have siblings at the age they want to raise.
  • If the person wants to reduce their age, they should not claim to have been born earlier than the date of registration to the birth record.
  • The person who will file an age correction case should not be born in an institution such as a hospital or a maternity hospital. Likewise, the records kept in these institutions are final.
  • Age correction should not have been made before, only one action can be filed for these changes.


How Are Age Correction Cases Done?


  • The person’s identity records are brought. Whether she/he has twin siblings of the same age and the date of her/his parents’ marriage are investigated.
  • The person who wants to correct his age shall be present at the hearing. Its external appearance is examined. It is referred to a full-fledged hospital and a report of bone age “bone radiography” is obtained.
  • The witness can also be heard as discretionary evidence.
  • If the case is opened through a lawyer, it must be assigned with special authority in the power of attorney. Since age correction is a strictly personal right, it is not possible to proceed with a general power of attorney.
  • Since it is subject to simple trial procedure, it will take less time than cases subject to written trial procedure. The duration of the trial, including the workload of the court, giving a hearing day and collecting evidence, lasts 1-3 months.
  • People can prove their real age by means of any kind of proof, especially witness statements, old photographs, school documents. In cases filed by persons under the age of 25, a report on bone age is obtained from the Forensic Medicine Institute in some cases. But for people older than this age, the bone age report does not work.

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