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International private education institutions are private education institutions where only foreign students can attend.

It is compulsory to obtain permission in order to start education in International Schools. Permit applications are made to the relevant national education directorate. Applications are sent to the Ministry to be given permission to open an institution.

The conditions in the Law on Private Education Institutions numbered 5580 must be fulfilled by granting the permission to open an institution and the building is found to be suitable and sufficient for the purposes of its use and the standards determined by the Ministry.

Under normal circumstances, the institution opening permits issued after September 1 are valid from the following academic year. However, international schools can start their teaching activities immediately after they are given permission to open an institution in accordance with their curriculum.


If there are foreign shareholders among the owners and if it is determined that there are foreign real or legal person (s) among the shareholders of those legal persons, as a result of the examination / investigation / inspection, administrative fines at the amount specified in Article 3 of the Law, and permission to open an institution It is issued by the competent authority. This prohibition does not cover private international education institutions regulated in Article 5 of Law No. 5580. Therefore, private education institutions that foreign natural and legal persons can establish consist of international schools, foreign schools and minority schools.

International private education institution other than higher education where only foreign students can attend; It can be opened by foreign real and legal persons or through partnership with Turkish citizens within the framework of the Foreign Direct Investment Law No.4875 with the permission of the President. Turkish natural persons, private law legal entities or legal entities managed under the provisions of private law can also open private education institutions of international nature for the same purpose.

The nature and scope of the educational institution to be opened must be clearly stated in the articles of association of the legal persons who want to open an institution.

Of course, real and legal persons who want to establish an international school must meet the conditions listed in Article 4 of Law No. 5580. According to this;

In the real person founders of private education institutions, in the administrative bodies of the legal person founders, in the founding representatives and personnel; Even if the time limits specified in Article 53 of  the Turkish Penal Code No.5237 of 26/9/2004 have expired, a prison sentence of one year or more due to an offense committed intentionally or a pardon, offenses against the signs of the State’s sovereignty and the dignity of its organs, counter-crimes, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, crimes against national defense, crimes against state secrets and espionage, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, fraudulent bankruptcy, fraud in the performance of the act Not being punished or not prosecuted for the crimes committed within the scope of the Law on Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime No.5549 dated 11/10/2006, smuggling crimes, crimes against sexual immunity, laundering of assets arising from the crime, terrorist organizations or national Against the national security of the State by the Security Council membership, affiliation or affiliation with, or with, the structures, formations or groups decided to operate


A founding representative with the authority to “open”, “close” and “transfer” must be appointed to represent legal entities. The founding representative can be appointed by a decision taken by the managing body of the legal person. Founder representatives are required to reside in Turkey. There is no obstacle within the legal framework in terms of being foreign is the founder representatives, but to be able to follow the application process shows that the company is authorized to act on behalf of follow-up are required to have a residence permit in Turkey. In practice, therefore, the founder of Representatives on behalf of not experiencing problems with a residence permit in Turkey is appointed Turkish citizen.


International schools must use the curriculum of a foreign country. A permit issued in the name of the company that wants to establish the International School must be obtained from the unit responsible for education of the country whose curriculum will be applied. This program requires the presence of equivalence in Turkey.


The application is only possible when the appointed founding representative submits a fully and completely prepared application file to the National Education Directorate. In addition to the application file containing the original documents, two photocopy files are created, one of them is kept in the archive of the Ministry of National Education and one is kept in the institution applying. The following documents must be included in a complete and complete application file;

1- The written declaration of the persons in the first paragraph of Article 4 of the Law that they meet the conditions specified in the same paragraph.
2- If the Founder is a legal entity, in organizational goals with the statement that made private educational institutions management between partners and shareholders if legal entities that legal entity of the nationality of the place received and published the articles of association in Turkey Trade Registry Gazette depending on the nature of the legal person, regulations or examples of changes, if any, and the foundation.
3- A copy of the decision of the general assembly or the board of directors certified by the national education directorate, which also states that it has the authority to open, close, transfer and similar transactions.
4- The technical report and annexes indicating that the building is solid and durable, and the valid SIM and ITB documents of the civil engineer who prepared the technical report.
5- The report issued by the relevant health unit of the province or district stating that the building and its surroundings are suitable for health.
6- The report prepared by the fire department that the necessary measures were taken against fire in the building according to the relevant legislation.
7- The layout plan drawn on 35×50 cm or A3 paper for the gardens of the buildings to be used as schools and special education and rehabilitation centers, separately for the floors or floors of the building to be opened, photographs showing the exterior and garden of the building and a CD with these.
8- The draft regulation and CD of the institution prepared to be approved by the Ministry for private schools that want to implement different practices than official schools.
9- Written declaration that for private schools that do not want to apply different from official schools, they will apply the regulations that official similar schools are subject to.
10- Portable electronic record of the curriculum and / or weekly course schedule to be approved by the Ministry for institutions that will implement a unique curriculum and / or weekly course schedule in public or private schools.
11- Written statement for institutions that will apply the similar curriculum and / or weekly course schedule in official or private schools.
12- Date and number of the decision of the Board of Education, in which the curriculum to be implemented by institutions other than schools is approved.
13- Executive work permit proposal and written declaration that work permit offers will be made for all required personnel whose qualifications are also specified before the institution starts education.
14- Work permit proposals of a monthly paid area / branch courses teacher with a main duty for each department for those who will open a private vocational and technical Anatolian high school health services field.
15- A protocol approved by the provincial health directorate, to be made with hospitals by those who will open a field of private vocational and technical Anatolian high school health services.
16- If the building belongs to the founder, a copy of the building title deed approved by the national education directorate; If the institution building is rented, the title deed copy of the building and the original lease contract for at least one year in other institutions as of the application date, or a copy approved by the national education directorate.
17- The consent document to be given unanimously by the flat owners for the garden use of the kindergartens to be opened in the independent sections of a main immovable registered as a residence in the land registry. (The document contains the signatures of the individual consents of the floor owner or their representatives, and the signature of the apartment manager, indicating how many flats the building has and the signatures belong to the floor owner or their representatives.)
18- Building use permit of the property to be used as the institution
19- For institutions that have special features such as maritime courses and aviation courses, appropriate opinion letter of the relevant ministries.
20- Presidential Decision for international private education institutions to be opened by foreign nationals or through partnership with Turkish citizens.
21- For international private education institutions, a document certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the equivalence of the program they will apply is accepted and issued by the department responsible for education of the permitting country
22- The receipt showing that the governmental duties are paid in accordance with the law numbered 492.
23- Those who will open private vocational and technical Anatolian high schools in or outside the organized industrial zone will be able to do their students’ skills training / internship work / summer practices; A protocol with a duration of at least 10 years with the medium or large scale enterprises / enterprises operating within the same provincial borders with the school and in the areas / branches that are decided to be
24- For private education institutions to be opened by persons other than the legal entity of the organized industrial zone within the organized industrial zone, the letter of conformity opinion received from the relevant organized industrial zone board of directors.
25- To be added to the Ministry Geographical Information System (MEBCBS) of the school to be opened; Measurement sketch data including building, wall, garden and similar details in the format determined by the General Directorate and published on the website.
26- For private education courses, social activity centers, motor vehicle driver’s courses and special education and rehabilitation centers, the education certificate or service schedule of the founder if the founder is the real person and the founder representative if the legal person is.
27- Passport photo of the founder for real persons and the founder representative for legal persons
28- Copy of the tax plate


After the application is submitted, the founding representative is given an application number to follow up the process. An inspector is appointed by the Ministry to check the compliance of the file and the institution. The time when the Ministry will give permission to open an institution varies in many respects. For the permission to be arranged by the Presidency, the past research of the parties is carried out first. This research takes longer for foreigners. Another issue is; the curriculum to be applied in the school must be approved by the training and education board. If the program to be applied has not been approved by passing this control before, this will affect the issuance of the institution opening permission.

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