As is known, immovable properties are all registered and most of the purchasing transactions regarding immovable take place in title registry offices. Since such offices are not the optimum places for the exchange of such high amounts, the safest transaction method when acquiring property should take place in title registry offices. However, a purchasing does not almost always happen in such way. Contractors intend to dispose their properties even there is no construction at hand. At this exact point, it is crucial to be aware of extortion since unapproved sale and purchase agreements (SPA) are week with regards to enforceability. In the event that the transaction cannot take place at the title registry office, it should take place at the notary office since notarized agreements are easily enforced. Such agreements are called “promise to sell agreement”. Most of the times, contractors may bring forward the excuse of notary fees and try to prevent notarization however we highly recommend the buyers to reject such demand and pay the notary fees in order to prevent bigger problems that may occur in the future. Please note that; the buyer, who has been saving for a long time and dreaming to purchase his/her dream property may deprived of registering such property under his/her name just because s/he has avoided paying the notary fee.