Professional Football Player Contracts and Debt Conflicts

Professional football player’s contacts are the contracts that are executed between professional football players, legal representatives and sports club in compliance with the decrees published by Turkish Football Federation and such contracts are registered to Turkish Football Federation. These contracts regulate the relation between football player and the club. The decrees in the contract are precept decrees regulated by Turkish Football Federation and in compliance with compulsory legal rules.  In the event that there is no regulation, the circulars and the prescripts regulated by FIFA and UEFA should be taken into consideration, Law of Obligations shall also apply. There are some obligations of the football player and sport club that emerge from the contract. Football player’s right for salary, annual permission, social insurance and union rights are determined. Besides all these, football players are expected to play, have loyalty, comply with the rules and have debts predicted in PFFST and in the agreement. Football player can sue for transfer fee, monthly salary, fee for each football match and bonus under the right to charge. In case of any dispute, football player apply to the committees of TFF AND FIFA or apply for the right of recession. TFF Dispute Resolution Committee is authorised and exclusive competence. Conflict Resolution Committee can be applied with a petition and charge. Conflict is resolved by the committees in four months at the latest after the application. Parties have the right for objection to Arbitration Commission against the judgements made by this committee. Arbitration Commission are ultimate decision maker. In other words, as for conflicts mentioned above, Conflict Resolution Committee is applied but the ultimate judgement is made by the Arbitration Commission. FIFA acknowledges the minimum necessities between sports club and football player and arrange various punishments for the dispute with the Conflict Resolution Committee. As for the conflicts regarding elements of foreigners, FIFA’s Conflict Resolution Committee is responsible. The other option is the right of recession. Football player can annul the contract if the sports club fails to meet financial obligations. Football player should send a notice letter with notary. After 30 days, football player can annul the contract.

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