Barlas Law Firm closely monitors the reflections of the “Blockchain” structure the main technology behind “Bitcoin” and other crypto-money and token types whose numbers increase rapidly. First of all, we provide a wide range of services, including the creation of necessary consultancy and infrastructure for the operators of crypto-money exchanges, cold and hot wallet service providers and crypto-currency exchange offices. Besides, Barlas Law Firm is one of the pioneering working groups that support the legal structure in order to make ICOs (initial coin offerings) with the universal expression of the money / token public offerings that are still limited in our country. Practices in this field include consultancy at the stage of preparation of companies and organizations. Barlas Law Firm also provides support to clients in different sectors, where blockchain technology is used and smart and secure contracts are the basis, to create the necessary legal infrastructure.

In this context, the following services are provided:

  • Preparation of any standard documentation (in particular ICO white papers, disclaimers, etc.) required for the specific activities to be designed for the client
  • Ensuring all legal infrastructure for the crypto-money transfer from the establishment stage to the stockists and similar service providers
  • Managing ICO processes
  • Providing general legal advice on individual clients to the sector and developments
  • To participate in the legislation studies by informing the working groups on the implementation of the legislative work in the various institutions

In addition to those listed, Barlas Law Firm meets all legal requirements from A to Z, which may be required after the establishment of the necessary infrastructure for its clients through the structure that can provide services in all areas of the law.