Lawyers of Barlas Law Firm provide a wide range of services for their clients on anti-trust, anti-dumping and competition law. We offer services such as examining the operations and behaviors of companies which can be considered as contrary to the competitive environment, Presentation of competition law analysis for mergers and acquisitions, arranging company transactions and behaviors in accordance with current legislation and ensuring that they are harmonized, information traffic management of companies, contractual or other transactions with customers and competitors, Legal compliance audit of vertical and horizontal agreements with group companies, distributors, agents or dealers, Application of group exemption or negative clearance on transactions and behaviors subject to limited exemption, even if they are restrictive of competition, Conducting relations with the Competition Authority, to make complaints for the purpose of investigation or to represent the clients in the investigations opened, appeal against the decisions of the Competition Authority and the judicial proceedings before the Council of State and similar services as well. Besides, Barlas Law Firm provides support to clients in various legal matters such filing a complaint about anti-dumping investigations and measures against unfair competition, responding to the questionnaires sent by the administration within the scope of the investigations and participation in the sessions and on-site examinations and the cancellation lawsuits that will be opened in the Council of State. Our firm is experienced on issues such as anti-dumping investigations, protection investigations, subsidies and remedial action investigations and anti-dumping measures and other measures taken against unfair practices in international trade. Including matters such as international purchase and sale contracts, delivery and payment methods, transportation, cost of goods and currency movements (foreign exchange), resolution of disputes related to customs duties with registered investment and registered investment incentives, consultancy services regarding exemptions and other disputes arising under the Customs Law and related legislation, and representation before the administrative and tax courts, our lawyers, can provide their clients with a variety of services in all other matters related to customs law. In addition, Barlas Law Firm's lawyers are able to provide services related to the concept of “unfair competition”, which is expanded under the New Turkish Commercial Code (for example consultancy and litigation services on vilification, defamation, misleading statements, ambiguity, sales below the supply price, restricting the customer's freedom of decision-making, misleading customers, actions to end the contract between 3rd persons and related matters), and some of the new content thereof entering into our law.