The construction sector is one of the fastest developing sectors in our country in recent years and our firm provides all kinds of legal services needed by business and project owners, contractors and subcontractors. Our lawyers are engaged in small, medium and large-scale real estate projects involving multiple layers and stages, including shopping malls, office space, retail commercial areas, housing, hotels or mixed use; due diligence, planning, project development, collateral, loan and project financing transactions, construction and revenue sharing contracts for flats, licensing and zoning status determination, architectural, contracting, procurement, subcontracting and similar construction services contracts, condominium and provides consultancy and representation services on easement installation, marketing, pre-sales and rental contracts, management plan applications and land registry annotations and so on. In addition, we serve on issues such as land registry, cancellation, registration and settlement cases, mortgage facility, mortgage disbursement as well as usufruct right, right of passage, resolution of disagreements on personalized rights, construction cooperative management and operations. Our firm offers litigation and execution services for the settlement of disputes between the parties, especially for the deficiencies and leases related to the real estate.