Our firm offers a wide range of services for foreign capital companies operating in our country or planning to invest. Our lawyers provide legal support for all transactions of foreign capital companies within the Turkish legal system.

We are able to offer services in many different topics such as establishment of joint-stock and limited companies, joint ventures, branch and liaison offices, distributorship to local businesses, franchise, know-how, granting licenses and similar rights, mergers and acquisitions, recruitment of foreign managers and staff, compliance of business transactions and management standards with international corporates criteria, legal examination and reporting of activities and transactions, free zone activities, commercial and tax issues and issues based on employee law or consumer protection and any other legal dispute resolution encountered in Turkey, conducting relations with administrative and regulatory bodies, obtaining all kinds of permits, licenses, concessions, submitting applications for incentives and related transactions. In addition, our lawyers are able to provide consultancy and representation services for foreign capital investors in the areas of executive responsibilities, tax planning and tax dispute resolution, virtual company businesses and company internal audits.