The globalizing world has led to the spread of international trade and the necessity for the protection of local and foreign companies' own brands and services. In this context, Barlas Law provides services in the areas of trademark, patent, copyrights and industrial design. Services offered by Barlas Law in the field of Intellectual Property Law include:

  • Research, registration and transfer of brand, patent, industrial design and utility models at local and international level,
  • Providing consultancy services on brand, patent, industrial design, utility models, following related cases,
  • Prevention of disclosure of copyrights and trade secrets,
  • Preparation of license agreements,
  • Providing legal consultancy services for all legal affairs related to intellectual property.

In addition, our lawyers provide consultancy services for all transactions involving the transfer, use or leasing of any value bearing intellectual and industrial property elements and all other similar items including special cases for e-businesses operating on the internet and also for the activities such as licensing and copyrighting. Besides, Barlas Law Firm provides representation services before courts and prosecutions and other legal and administrative authorities specifically authorized for the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights of its clients, including for busts and seizures.