In the field of sports law developing in our country, Barlas Law Firm provides legal services to sports clubs that are the players of the sector, businesses and companies affiliated to these clubs, regulatory and supervisory federations, press and broadcasting organizations, sponsors, betting businesses, players, referees and sports press unions and associations, professional athletes and other related persons and institutions. In particular within the scope of the Law on Prevention of Violence in Sport and irregularity, Turkey Football Federation Law on the Establishment and Duties of FIFA and UEFA decisions and practices, and the scope of their affiliated secondary legislation, legal assistance is given to the related parties in compliance with the legislation. Besides, all kinds of legal support for matters such as transfer negotiations and contract signing with athletes and players' teams, public offering of legal entities established through the commercial assets of sports clubs, player licenses, work and residence permits and citizenship applications for foreign athletes and players, name rights of clubs and players, sale of products containing copyright, uniform advertisements, institutional structures and contracts for product sponsorships and other advertising and marketing activities, the transfer of broadcasting rights of sports activities, and other activities in the field of business, trade, media, intellectual and industrial law, are among our services. In addition, our firm’s lawyers provide services for any disputes arising between the parties involved in sports and related sectors, receivables, discipline practices, judicial and administrative penalty fees, deprivation of rights, disqualification and prison sentences, relevant federations in the field of doping in sport administrative and judicial authorities and representation and consultancy services before the International Court of Arbitration (CAS).