We provide services for the matters such as resolution of the disputes in the framework of the patient doctor relationship and dealing with the crimes committed in the scope of criminal law. Serving both local and international clients, Barlas Law Firm provides services for Legal Health and Pharmaceutical Law Department provides services to solve all contractual and administrative disputes arising out of sectoral activities.

Some of the services offered by Barlas Law Firm in the field of Health and Pharmaceutical Law are:

  • Preparation of pharmaceutical contracts and pharmaceutical production-development contracts for pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Preparation of confidentiality agreements
  • Preparation of pharmaceutical distribution contracts
  • Preparation of contracts for clinical trials
  • Monitoring of industrial property cases (mostly related to drug patents and disputes arising from pharmaceutical brands)
  • Preparation of the recycling contracts of hazardous wastes
  • Consultancy on administrative affairs related to pharmaceutical sales and marketing licensing
  • Patent registration and application of pharmaceutical brands for pharmaceutical inventions, Follow-up of registration processes, Ensuring that the entire procedure is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations by working in continuous communication with the human resources units of the clients, from the moment the employment process begins until the end of the employment process and, if deemed necessary, to reorganize the client's application for compliance with the legislation.

In addition, Barlas Law Firm has won several lawsuits against the Ministry of Health regarding liver and kidney transplants. In these cases, cancelling orders against the execution of the rejection verdict rendered by the ethics committee and suspension of execution was ensured. As a result, many of our clients, who were not allowed to have their health by going through an operation, have undergone organ transplantation (transplantation) surgery and had their health back. Barlas Law Firm is known as being one of the leading law offices of Turkey for the cases of organ transplant.