Services such as initiation of follow-up proceedings, cases of cancellation of objections, negative fixing cases, follow-up of the proceedings by way of the specific bills of exchange to the bills, conversion of the mortgage to the money, execution of execution proceedings by converting the pledges to money and carrying out the cases related to the related follow-up are provided by our firm under Execution and Bankruptcy Law. Bankruptcy issuance, postponement of bankruptcy, concordat proclamation, enforcement proceedings, cases of objection and prosecution, cases of objection and prejudice, lawsuits, debts, and withdrawals of money are some of the services we offer in this field.

Services provided by Barlas Law in the field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law are as follows:

  • Execution and bankruptcy proceedings for the purpose of collecting
  • Debt clearance negotiations between the debtor or creditor clients and the counterparty and making protocols for the settlement of the agreements concluded
  • Suspension of bankruptcy
  • Resolving disputes arising from credit agreements of banks