Barlas Law Firm is a solution to the disputes arising from family law on issues such as marriage, engagement, divorce, alimony issues, custody, property regimes, kinship establishment, adoption, child and family property, and guardianship between Turkish citizens and foreigners and we provide services to its clients in accordance with the contract and the law in local and international legislation on the arrangement of contracted protocol between the parties.


Some of the services offered by Barlas Law Firm in the field of Family Law include:

  • Arrangement of contracted divorce protocols
  • Genealogy, descent and custody cases
  • Divorce cases
  • Claims for material and non-pecuniary damages
  • Ensuring that child support and custody are appropriately used in cases where alimony and custody is in dispute
  • Taking measures for violence against women, domestic violence and such cases
  • Providing solutions to problems that may arise in adoption cases
  • Arrangement of assets and property separation contracts
  • Settlement of disputes in the event of an engagement break off