Our firm offers a variety of services to stock markets operating in the capital markets, futures brokerage companies, intermediary institutions and organizations, portfolio management companies, investment funds and partnerships, including real estate investment trusts, companies open to the public and planning to open, valuation and audit firms, and corporate and individual investors. Our services include support for the establishment and operation of fund and investment partnership, issuance of portfolio management authorization documents and framework contracts, realization of transactions subject to licenses and permits and making necessary notifications and similar issues. Besides these, Lawyers of Barlas Law Firm provide special services for companies wishing to go public. Preparation and structuring, making intermediary contracts, preparation of the prospectus, Applications to the Istanbul Stock Exchange and the Capital Markets Board, establishment of the legal infrastructure to be established for the promotion activities, demand collection operations, consultancy and representation services given by the ISE and CMB experts for qualitative and quantitative review of the company, registration of the company's shares to the board, notification of sales results, transactions at the beginning of the stock market and the beginning of the transaction, company management and public information processes after the public offering and various other legal services are among the services we provide. Our firm also provides consultancy and legal representation services on the use of judicial remedies against administrative fines such as resolution of disputes between investors, intermediary institutions, publicly-held companies, regulators, and their employees, shareholders or managers, transactions, speculations, temporary or indefinitely halted transactions and personal transaction bans and fines.