Since Turkish legal system includes a distinction between individuals and institutions and their relations with public legal entities, an administrative law has been developed in our country with independent judicial authorities. In this context, the relations of individuals and institutions with the state and related administrative institutions just as anti-dumping, reconstruction, administrative penalties and taxes, licensing and licensing in regulated markets, and many other similar issues are analyzed in a judicial system including administrative, tax, regional administration and Council of State courts under administrative law. Barlas Law firm especially provides service for follow-up of cases of anti-dumping, competition, customs, tax and administrative litigations against administrative sanctions to be opened in the local and regional administrative and tax courts and the annulment of the full administrative and administrative proceedings before the Council of State, public procurement proceedings, the objection to the upper authority against the decisions and penalties given by the administrative authorities and the resolution of the relevant disputes, the objections to be made against the zoning and resettlement of municipalities and the operation of the related legal procedure and other similar issues. Our lawyers provide consultancy and representation services to clients thereof engaged in special regulatory and supervised markets, in compliance with the legislation and in applications and relations with independent bodies, committees and supreme councils. Our lawyers provide consultancy and representation services for compliance with legislation and applications and relations with independent institutions, committees and supreme boards, to clients operating in markets subject to special regulation and auditing.