Barlas Law Firm is one of the very few law firms which can provide escrow services, within Turkey. Barlas Law Firm is in close cooperation with the world's leading escrow and trust companies, therefore we are able to provide escrow services for transactions that can take place both in Turkey and in any other country in the world. Since the Escrow service does not have a full counterpart in Turkish law, this service is called “administrative receiver”. However, the concept of “administrative receiver” in Turkish law, which does not exactly coincide with the concept of “escrow”, requires a special area of expertise. The Escrow service can be used in many areas such as trading and share transfer. The use of these services is a good example of a win-win situation since it protects both parties of the contract. In Barlas Law Firm, Attorney-at-Law Burçin Barlas is the expert person in the field of escrow services and you may contact him from the email address of