Barlas Law supports its clients in various ways about franchise and distributorship relations. In addition to our clients who want to expand their value, brand and products or services through a wider distribution network, we can also offer consultancy services to companies desiring to benefit from the power of local or foreign products, services or brands, or from the business volume within the scope of distributorship or franchise agreements. As Barlas Law Firm we are able to provide services for franchiser, franchisee, producer, supplier, distributor, licensor, licensee, sub-licensee and other related businesses and companies in the field of sharing and upgrading of intellectual and industrial values within the scope of structural installation and expansion of network systems, In particular, the preparation of the contract, negotiations, putting into effect, sales and transfer operations, such as the resolution of technical procedures. Our firm provides legal consultancy support to clients on contracts such as 'manchise' which includes franchise (use of name and similar rights under the brand and group), management (obtaining of management and operation services)and mixed structure branding and partial management support.