Our firm provides compliance, consultancy and representation services in order to provide all kinds of legal support for the topics such as telecommunication infrastructure, fixed telephony, GSM, GMPCS mobile telephony, wireless, internet service and location provider, satellite communication, satellite platform, virtual mobile network, satellite and cable TV services, guidance services and value added telecommunication services and provides legal services needed by businesses operating under software, database services, enterprise resource planning, technical support, electronic communication security fields and other businesses operating in similar areas. In this field, services such as delegation, local and international sharing, access and interconnection arrangements, number, frequency, infrastructure use applications and allocations, joint ventures and projects, conducting relations with the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, special situations of enterprises with active market power, subscription systems and contract structures, dispute resolution and similar issues, are provided. Our lawyers are able to provide legal services for structuring and financing of new initiatives to be established in order to operate in broadcasting, advertisement, entertainment and game platforms, software, goods and services trade and other similar activities on the internet, Confidential (viral) and open advertising over the Internet, system security, distance purchase & sale contracts, subscription systems, personal data protection and personal information confirmation, advertising or other junk e-mail traffic for personal or corporate systems planning, type contract preparation, dispute resolution, domain name and service provider operations, access blocking decisions, infrastructure services and standards and other similar issues. Our firm is able to provide legal support to investors and operators in the internet sector, especially in venture capital, angel and capital investments, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions, protection of copyright, intellectual and industrial rights and taxation of commercial activities via internet.