Our firm provides a variety of services for the solution of all and all kinds of tax disputes of natural and legal persons. We offer consultancy and representation services related to the accrual and incurred irregularities and penalties imposed by revenue agencies, tax offices and customs administration.

Our lawyers provide legal services for the matters such as Corporation tax, income tax, Value-added tax, income withholding tax, resource utilization support fund, property tax, special transaction tax, stamp duty, motor vehicle tax and other similar direct and indirect taxes, tax calculation operations carried out independently, additionally or by the administration, incorrect deductions, transfer pricing transactions between related or affiliated companies, implicit capital assessments arising from the borrowing of shareholders or indirect shareholder investment, dumping duties, declaration of the income of the narrow taxpayers and any similar tax discrepancies. Besides providing consultancy on transaction structure and tax planning, providing support for internal audit and review, providing compliance with legislation and preliminary pricing agreements, special services and consultancy services we also provide legal services for taxes accrued, unpaid payment orders, settlement of the tax disputes as tax penalties and irregularities and opening lawsuits before the tax courts and the Council of State.