The IT law department of Barlas Law Firm provides in-depth and solution-oriented legal services in specific areas such as IT Law, licensing, exemptions, exceptions, intellectual property rights management with the attorneys who have expertise in this area.

The services provided within this framework are:

  • Monitoring of the latest developments in the field of IT Law
  • Presentation of specific legal solutions in the areas of IT
  • Licensing, protection of intellectual property rights, monitoring of transactions under registration
  • Providing legal risk analysis, contract consultancy and general legal consultancy services in order to enable carrying out of business processes without any problems in terms of law, and providing consultancy services mainly on IT Law, trademark and copyrights, disputes arising from domain names, dealer relations
  • Providing consultancy services for Internet content provider and hosting provider
  • Providing legal consultancy services to companies selling goods and services over the Internet and preparing legal infrastructure
  • Following-up and finalization of violations by the Internet
  • Providing legal consultancy services for e-commerce and e-signature applications